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Is Your Child Afraid of Shots?

Sometimes a child's fear of needles is more upsetting than the shot itself. Here are some tips for dealing with the fear.

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Skip the Sweet Talk

Added sugars pose a threat to your child's health. And they're lurking in more places than you might realize.

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LGBT and Gender Nonconforming Teens Need Support

Teens who don't conform to the traditional expectations of their gender, and those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender experience higher rates of depression and alcohol and drug use. But you’re in a unique position to provide support and understanding that can make a significant difference in their life.

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Pregnancy and Newborns
Pregnancy & Newborns
Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents-to-be. You want to know as much as you can about your developing baby and how your actions will affect his health. Use this information to help you make informed decisions from conception through delivery.
Children's Health
Children's Health
You want the best for your child, from good nutrition to effective discipline to a breadth of life opportunities.

    Death rates from cervical cancer are dropping, because more women are being screened. To learn more about cervical cancer and prevention, take this quiz.

    When you are trying to have a baby, fertile times are an important factor. Use this information about your cycles to help to predict your more fertile times and when you will ovulate.

    Sometimes, people who abuse drugs aren't aware they have a problem. This assessment is for people who regularly use drugs and wonder if they have issues with abuse or addiction.


      Febrile seizures, or seizures that occur during a fever, are one of the most common neurologic disorders of childhood. They typically appear between 6 months and 3 years of age. This video looks at the possible causes, typical symptoms, and what you should do as a parent.

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